Mark de Jong

Dev Engineer Infra at ING

Mark has been working as a System Engineer for over 15 years. Currently also is a Red Hat Certified Architect. Mark is mainly focused on the Open Source movement. Starting at a young age with Linux, he has been specializing on Red Hat based solutions. From Hypervisor/Virtualization (KVM, Openstack) to Management tooling(Satellite, ManageIQ), Configuration Management(Puppet, Ansible) and Containerization(OpenShift, Docker, Kubernetes). Mark has been working for ING for the last 10 years in several positions, starting as a IT specialist for AIX, moving to Linux Engineering. Now he has the position of Expert Dev Engineer for Infrastructure. In this position Mark is an advocate for a new way-of-working and carrying out the vision for infrastructure within ING. Currently Mark is a technical team lead for the ING Container Hosting Platform, focusing on automating testing, deployment and LCM of OpenShift.

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