Lukasz Strzelec

Senior IT Expert w ING Services

Lukasz has been working as a Linux system engineer for over 10 years. Current Red Hat Certified Architect. Mostly focused on latest Red Hat products. Along his career Lukasz built his experience especially  on RHEL stacks on premise as well as in cloud, using several of different hypervisors (VMWare, Hyper-V),tools (Satellite, Puppet, Ansible) and of course bare metal machines as well. For about the last 6 years, He has happily been working for the ING, starting from IT specialist position and developing open source solutions, through building L2 and L3 RHEL support for ING units worldwide. His next tech move are containers and micro-services in general. Lukasz has become Senior DevOps Expert being responsible for OpenShift container platform at ING Tech PL. Currently Lukasz has the Global Product Owner position and Senior DevOps Expert focusing on ING Container Hosting Platform. Together with his squad they are focusing on one goal, which is changing way of working and introducing micro-services as one global standard for all ING units over the world.

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