dr. Nirvana Meratnia

Nirvana Meratnia is associate professor in the Pervasive Systems Group at the University of Twente. Her research interests are in the area of smart sensor systems, Internet of Things (IoT), cyber physical systems, (underwater) wireless sensor networks, and wearable computing.
She is currently involved in the FP7 project Sunrise (on Underwater Internet of Things) and the Dutch projects Go-Green (on greener house through a self-learning, privacy-aware user-centric energy-aware wireless monitoring and control system), CPS (on implantable wireless sensor networks), and SaxShirt (on wearable computing).
Previously, she has been the project leader of the Dutch SeaSTAR project (on underwater sensor networks), technical manager of the IST CLAM project (on collaborative embedded networks for submarine surveillance), co-technical manager of the Dutch Smart Surroundings project (on ambient intelligent), workpackage leader of the IST GENESI project (on structural health monitoring using wireless sensor networks), workpackage leader of EU e-SENSE project (on ambient intelligence for beyond 3G mobile communication systems through wireless sensor networks), workpackage leader of EU CoBIs project (on smart collaborative objects), and workpackage leader of EU Embedded WiSeNts project (on embedded wireless sensor networks). She is also co-applicant of the granted STW valorization proposal Smart Signs on context-aware indoor navigation and messaging.
On the education front, in addition to teaching courses, she was the Minor Coordinator as well as Quality Assurance (Kwaliteitzorg) Coordinator for Bachelor Computer Science study from September 2010 till January 2013.

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