Bertjan Broeksema

Data engineer and consultant at BigData Republic

Bertjan Broeksema is a data engineer and consultant at BigData Republic. In his professional life he strives for writing less software more correct, and engineering data driven software products in a data driven manner. He’s at his best at the intersection of data science and software engineering. In his personal life he makes an effort to be a loving husband and father of two. If time permits, some running is thrown in the mix as well.

After his master thesis in Computer Science, looking into automated program transformation, he set out for a PhD in information visualization at IBM France. His research focused on combining unsupervised learning techniques such as clustering and dimensionality reduction with interactive visualization. He has published in and spoken at renowned journals and conferences about Information Visualization.

After another two years of research in the same field of research, at the Luxembourg Institute for Science and Technology he moved to industrie. The last years he has been working in a variety of context working on distributed systems and data driven software products. In his most recent project he was instrumental in moving from a technology driven search implementation to a fully data driven search experience at a large webshop in the Netherlands.

Successful Search: engineering a real-time and data driven search experience